Other Publications

In addition to a long career of academic writing and publication, Annraoi de Paor has written four Irish language books, all published by Coiscéim and available to order through their website: http://www.coisceim.ie :

Buan ar Buairt (1985) le Annraoi de Paor (úrscéal)

Dubček faoi cháil is faoi scáil (1997) le Tereza Michalová, arna aistriú ag Annraoi de Paor (bailiúchán d’ailt)

Beirt Mhairnéalach (2003) le Alfred Tennyson & Samuel Taylor Coleridge, arna aistriú ag Annraoi de Paor (leaganacha Gaeilge de “Ulysses” Tennyson agus “Ancient Mariner” Coleridge)

Duanaire Daonscoile (2014) le Annraoi de Paor (Eagarthóir)

In 2013, Tyndall Scientific published Annraoi’s “An Illustrated Collection of Limericks for Engineers & Physicists”, with cartoons by Jane Courtney. Although now out of print, it is available to view online at the following link: http://limericks-depaor.localdem.net/index.html

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